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Yogaleaks — The Prequel

I suppose I am on-trend making a Prequel –Telling the story again, but this time I know what I’m doing. Sorta kinda. Or I could use the standard official justification for making a prequel: The technology has manifested that enables us to finally tell our story the way we envision it. Though the technology of simple websites has not improved much, their aesthetic expression has improved greatly, which matters.

Do you like what I’ve done to the place?

At risk of sounding ‘motional, I want you to know that I missed you. I never stopped thinking of you, dear reader, when yogaleaks was stalled at the internet traffic lights these past months. It went through a to be or not to be situation because my writing career gained traction. It was always about the words, getting them right, finding my voice, and it took a while to decide what to do with Yogaleaks when paid work came to compete for my time.

One day in October, I made the very painful decision to put it up for auction. Tire kickers and bidders listened intently while I described my wonderful site.  The first bid came in, the price felt wrong and raised the price. I did the same thing over and over until yogaleaks became, well, priceless. Sorry bidders, I couldn’t let her go. Instead I decided to renovate and expand.

The new yogaleaks is the same in spirit, but it has grown up. You may not have heard this in your news source, since the media never report the stories that secretive leaders of nations prefer not to be told: the Presidentess retired. She left this site in the capable hands of yours truly (imagine a novice on a stallion). How long could she keep up leaking information from her island nation anyway, with the NSA and the FBI and the CIA and the MMA and the DUI and the STD?! Capable hands, she left it. Capable hands…

A Quick Tour

I see you found the articles area. Yogaleaks no longer has a blog, though come to think of it, there never was one. Instead you will find regular articles big and small, mostly on my favorite topic: how to achieve our highest potential. Muppets and politicians may still feature. However, since my attention span is only briefly held by characters who require a directorial hand inserted in their nether region, these stories serve more as seasoning. (Sorry Beaker, you were one of the better ones.)

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Yogaleaks is on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. Please follow me by clicking on the icons below. I am so excited to be using these mediums and sharing my corner of the world with you. Rio de Janeiro easily provides a beautiful and often crazy backdrop to my daily existence. Yogaleaks twitter and instagram feeds will begin a week into January, when I reunite with my phone in Rio.

Finally I have a SHOP, in which there is nothing for sale. Soon I’d like to own a restaurant which closes for lunch. One day in the near future my shop will sell ebooks and later, an original and inspiring series for you to discover how easy it is to achieve perfect health, fitness and soul connection.

The ABOUT page on standard websites is usually where people’s enthusiasm and goes to die, but not here! Since I have no ‘blog’, or personal journal, my about page will be that space. The only problem is, that not even I am interested in what I get up to every day, so to guard you from utter boredom, I shall keep the update a weekly affair.

My friends, welcome once again. Please write to me any time if you have suggestions or questions. To quote Elaine from Seinfeld, I am here. For you.

2015 — The End of an Era?

Adam Sommer distracts me because the depth and breadth of his talent is unusual. He is a wizard who gets no pleasure in hiding the secrets of his magic. In this incarnation he is a remarkable astrologer. He knows his craft so well, how the movement of the planets influence our natures, and play a strong hand in the timing of our challenges and rewards.  In my first reading with Adam, we were a continent apart. He described me better than I could myself. He saw the lessons I had learned and where my position stood in all of these cycles – meta cycles, cycles of work, search for authenticity, in my heart and creativity – his reading was a work of poetic science.

Hanging out with Adam on Skype I was, because I have really cool friends and that’s what I do *. He explained what my out of bounds Venus meant, and was about to go into why I have a very excitable Uranus **, when I asked him to describe what 2015 was going to look like for all of us.

He had only glanced at the first part of the year, he said. However by the time you read this Adam will have written more about what’s in store on his own site here. Do look him up. I highly recommend his private sessions. Here’s what he knew already about the coming year.

There’s This One Day

The most powerful event of the year happens early, on March 16 with a solar eclipse. There are solar eclipses and there are solar eclipses, and this particular solar eclipse bent the letters in the second version by itself. It brings to an explosive end a portal of energy that has been here since 2012, when the hands that were long concealed inside the puppets of power were exposed. Think Snowden, NSA, Wikileaks, Russell Brand, and long-held racial bias in people of authority. This energy helped to fuel tension in the Middle East, most unhelpful.

The solar eclipse happens in 29 degrees Pisces, which is the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac. You can’t get more climactic and ‘ending’ than that. It’s the stuff of destruction, the part in the movie right before the end where buildings burn and Die Hard Guy walks calmly away from the fireball that light up the galaxy behind him.

The very next day on March 17, the moon moves into 1 degree Aries, which is the exact opposite energy. This energy is about coming together as one people and one consciousness inside one world. Phew! It could be a happy ending folks, what’s left of us. This solar eclipse event reminds me of the tower card in Tarot, where old systems or beliefs are torn down in order to clear space for newer, better and more appropriate beliefs and systems.

Sit back, strap yourself in, and hold on. It seems the time has finally come to manifest a world which reflects who we really are.

*…when I pay for a private astrology reading.

** I confess, I don’t have an excitable Uranus, you can ask my mother. That was simply a tired joke about Uranus. I imagine that Adam would patiently wait out my Uranus jokes and continue on when my immature giggling akwardly fades away. He’s heard them all.