NAME chantelle jahara pinto     NATIONALITY australian     I LIVE IN copacabana beach, rio de janeiro     WHY THE HELL DID I GO THERE to develop my writing, for the children to know the love and vibrancy of the brazilian culture     PARENTS german and dutch, alive     WHICH MADE YOUR UPBRINGING a journey of the wurst kind! oktoberfests, nostalgic stories of picking wild mushrooms in european forests, stories of getting sick from eating the wrong wild mushroom, stories about which mushrooms one should and shouldn’t eat, and the benefits of buying farmed mushrooms     TRAUMAS when I found myself stuck in south africa. a life-threatening emergency surgery while I lived in america    OTHER COUNTRIES LIVED united states, japan, fiji, south africa     WHAT’S SO WRONG WITH AUSTRALIA THAT YOU’RE NEVER THERE  I’m working hard to return to australia. growing up there felt too safe and beige for me to really know myself and understand what life is about. I wanted to be part of the solution, but for that, I felt like I needed to know the problems first hand     WHEN I WAS YOUNG I THOUGHT I WOULD BE A  marine biologist      WHY  I love the ocean desperately. my uncle happens to be a marine biologist and he is one very awesome human being     INTROVERT OR EXTROVERT  introvert but I can play an extrovert flawlessly for at least 2 hours     DIET  non-denominational vegetarian     EXERCISE  alternate days yoga and running, a daily series of push-ups, and lunges for my brazilian-shaped derriere one is required to own for successful visa processing     PROFESSIONS SO FAR  personal trainer. fitness instructor. yoga teacher. healing therapist. luxury spa management. freelance writer. author     FAVOURITE ORGAN  skin     BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE  10 day vipassana silent retreat. meditate daily. this writing life QUALITY I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT  humour     SOMETHING WEIRD YOU WOULD NOT KNOW ABOUT ME BY JUST LOOKING  my venus is out of bounds     RELIGION  no      MEDITATION kriya       MY FAMILY  1 hubban, 1 daughter 14yrs and 1 son 8yrs, 1 dead hamster and 1 dead fish


MEANING OF LIFE  Everything we see and think is related to the past. what does now look like?  EXERCISE FAD OF THE MOMENT  running and very strange squats where you stick your butt out as far as it can go     HOBBY finding me beyond the bounds of my body     GREATEST CONCERN THIS WEEK   I lust for more time. So much creativity bursting forth, where can I find time to lay it all down.     MY WEEK LOOKS  still amazing. Two weeks to go until my book is finished. I’ve bumped Rob’s book in favour of my app. Sorry Rob. You will be my dessert.

 updated September 15, 2015

 Hello everybody! I do apologize for my absence. I have been head-down writing a book, which is about to be published. It’s called ‘Above the Noise’. No one knows about the book or the title, so the very few who have made the effort to scroll down to the bottom of this ‘about’ page are the first to know.

When I publish the book right after the solar eclipse in a couple of weeks – because who publishes a book between eclipses, right? … right? .. Anybody? Well anyway, I will be taking this very beautiful website down and focusing on the work that will come with the book. Thank you for everything, I have learned so much with you. Blessings.   xx Chantelle