Goodbye from Yogaleaks

Oh god you’re losing it, I knew this would happen! Who is responsible for me packing up and moving on, you demand?! Fine. You want the truth?! I’ll tell you who is responsible.

Julian Assange. It is upon his rounded shoulders that I slam down my blame. This Embassy shut-in has made Wikileaks uncool. Therefore, by association, I am uncool. There’s also the fact that the Yoga that I know and love has morphed into more of a fitness sorority excursion to fashion week. I don’t want to write about yoga now.

I’m busy frying larger fish, truth be told. I have written a book not about frying fish, and it will be available in a few days on Amazon.

My genius book is called Above the Noise – 12 steps to living an inspired life.

This informative and entertaining book is the answer to my frustration that health and fitness industries use this tactic to muddy the waters of information so that consumers – their name for people – will depend on them for information. Newspaper and internet articles don’t help when they write article titles such as these:

What gadgets do you need to be healthy?

Is organic actually worth the extra cost?

Is exercise worth the risk of injury?

Is Vegan even good for you?

Is Paleo the only real health?

For too long I scrolled and shouted at my screen, until one divine moment where the clouds parted and God said unto me, Why don’t you write a book and show us how easy it is…

I think it was God, but it doesn’t matter whose voice came from behind the closet sky.

The message in Above the Noise states that health is a sure path to living an inspired life. Uncomplicated, 100 proof, unbridled health is easily attainable, in fact it is your body’s natural expression when we’re not filling it with crap we don’t need. Inspiration and energy is as much about de-cluttering your diet and your life as it is exercising and eating fresh food. It’s a fun read, not all serious, because I can never keep a straight face with anything.

Life is short, and it’s meant to be uncomplicated and enjoyable and exciting.

If you do buy my book, drop me a line and tell me what you thought of it. There is a fandangle new website for my book which is about to go up at

Remember the word book at the end of above the noise. The short book trailer I made with my friend Maarten is very cool. You should check it out.

So it’s goodbye from me in this form. Thank you for reading. Yogaleaks is leaving the house.

Chantelle Jahara Pinto

3 Unconventional Quotes on Peace

Over the holiday season Byron Katie posted this message.

If you want to give the holiday gift that everyone loves, just let them be right

I love Byron Katie and her provocations. I also don’t mind that her statement about making others right ironically makes me feel right because I have been doing it for years.

Why argue with other people? Why push an alien opinion onto them, especially in an era where drama is the preferred currency accepted in all countries. I grew up around arguments. For 20 years I observed two people argue relentlessly. Nothing changed except for the size of the canyon of loathing between them. I was baited into their arguments, asked to join ranks, and I did. Both sides.

Everyone is right. We all need to be right, otherwise the cardboard structure of a world so seemlessly propped up around us will collapse. It takes a readiness to be wrong, even to question if everyone else is as right as you are in this moment. Two people pull on a rope in opposite directions and demand they are the rightful owner of the rope. Only one person needs to drop the rope for the conflict to dissolve. Nothing requires more faith than to let go.

What if dropping the rope unlocks new paths to higher places that we could only traverse when our hands are free and outstretched?

Peace doesn’t require two people, it requires one ~ Byron Katie

One thing this statement isn’t is passive. I have always done what is best for me while everybody argued about whether it is best for me. People have problems with everybody: their diet, how they birth their children, whom they marry, how they school their children they right way to honour God. At its worst, their loud and poorly delivered offerings only prove that the choice you make is the right one, and at best, they occasionally offer a better way to birth our children or marry the one we love. Very occasionally. I don’t see doctors arguing that homebirths are better, or many preachers of love and compassion argue for gay marriage. Thoughts, like water, flows downward to the valleys of mass consciousness, and since it takes critical mass for ideas to arrive uninvited into your itunes account, the more enlightened ideas take the longest to catch on.

The moment we believe is the moment of separation ~ Byron Katie

Walls. I believe he is wrong, I believe that my diet is better, I believe that you can only be healed by this medicine, I believe that my worship is the right way. It’s the hardest thing in the world to let go of our beliefs and ride the fluid waves of intuition. You only have to look to your own history to see how your beliefs were replaced by newer, truer ones. The beliefs we hold right now will soon be given notice. It is such an enigmatic element, rigid and as old as time, and in an instant, they’re more illusive than a Sasquatch sighting in New York.

If we hold our beliefs apart from us, drop our armour against the beliefs of others, what new paths could we take together? God I’m idealistic, but I still want to know the answer.